diumenge, 10 de gener de 2010

Un tast de SINGAPUR

Una seqüència de fotografies que intenta donar un tast d'aquesta ciutat, o millor dit país, el qual es podria definir com una barreja de cultures asiàtiques, hi trobem des del barri xinès (extrany en un país ple de xinesos), el barri hindú, l'àrab, el món occidental , i fins i tot l'església més antiga, és armènia, tot això i molt més, és SINGAPUR. (A la propera entrada fauna i flora del PN Mc Ritchie, d'aquest magnífic país).

Orchad Road (Singapur) desembre 09'

Little India (Singapur) desembre 09'

Sri Temple hindú (Singapur) desembre 09'

Little India (Singapur) desembre 09'

Chinatown (Singapur) desembre 09'

Temple budista xinès (Singapur) desembre 09'

Encens temple budista (Singapur) desembre 09'

Sultan Mosque (Singapur) gener 10'

Boda Arab Quarter (Singapur) gener 10'

Mosque (Singapur) gener 10'

Merlion, districte financer (Singapur) gener 10'

Raffles Hotel (Singapur) gener 10'

Centre Comercial Orchad Road (Singapur) gener 10'

Singapur des de la nòria (flyer) gener 10'

11 comentaris:

  1. you take awesome pictures of my country! Great job! =)


  2. Frank, these photos are wonderful. You bring out such captivating colours and textures in your subject matter and you have a real wonderful knowledge of working under any lighting conditions. Beautiful.

  3. Greetings, Frank! Thank you so much for stopping by Ocala DP! That led me here, and I'm just delighted by your wonderful photographs. The series on Singapore is superb...I've not been to Singapore, but have heard a lot about it and really appreciated seeing the places you pictured!

    Best wishes...and I'll be back!

  4. very impressive photos all over your blog.
    thank you for your visit and kind comment

  5. hi frank, thnx for droppin my blog! ^0^
    singapore is one of my fave vacation spots.
    i'm so rave to see your awesome pictures you've taken. ^0^
    haha, i can also see that we've visited the same hot spots like orchard, little india and chinatown.
    Beautiful aerial view,nice to see a city in 360*.
    i've never tried the flyer yet, i'm hopin the next time maybe. ^-^
    hoping to see more of your travel fotos. ^0^

  6. hi,
    seems you travel around a lot, very nice pictures and and a oppurtinity for me to learn some more spanish, it is spanish, is it not? or portuguise? I cannot really tell them apart, but anyway, lot's of interesting photographies, thanks for sharing :)

  7. Hi Tomas!!

    This is Catalan, a language that one speaks in one of the regions about Spain, in Catalunya, Barcelona. Thank you for your commentary.


  8. Beautiful photographs. I sure enjoyed seeing them and thought of how many would be an inspiration for great paintings. So glad i found your blog.

  9. Amazing photos, Frank! made my evening :D
    Happy Easter!


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